Martín Azambuja
Branding work:

01.    Fountain

Brand identity for a new line of CBD-infused sparkling water.

Studio: Pentagram
Office: New York
Partner: Michael Bierut
Project lead: Jonny Sikov
Project manager: Abby Matousek
“Pentagram designed a colorful brand identity for Fountain that helps it stand out in the category. The logomark is built of a linear pattern inspired by the name and organic ingredients, and can appear in a variety of colors for different flavors. The logo is accompanied by a san serif wordmark set in Avant Garde, which has the same geometric forms and stroke weights as the logo, with the initial “f“ redrawn to echo the central curve. The patterns are extended to custom typography, packaging graphics and promotional materials like posters, in-store displays and swag.”

Pentagram website extract

384 Keapt St.
Brooklyn, NY

+1 (347) 7514272